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My name´s Clara, 26 year-old from Sweden/USA. Adopted from Nicaragua. I came to Sweden when I was 3,5 months old. I´m a premature baby, born 3,5 months too early and complication of that was that I got Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) or Terry Syndrome which led to 10 eye surgeries and today I´ve 30% percent vision on my right eye and no vision on my left eye. But i´ve been doing just fine, thanks to the great doctors who did EVERYTHING in their power to help me at University Hospital of Linköping, Sweden 26 years ago. I want to point out, most people have more problem with how I´m able to live a daily life with no white cain, no service dog and do as well as I am. I do not know anything else and my brain and my body have adjusted to the situation I am in. Lots of people tells me that I am brave, stubbon and never give up whenever I set my mind up to do something. I own a horse, a ten-year-old mare named Toga and when I´m riding I´m just like everyone else and nobody notice my vision issue, I trust her with my life and she´s my very best friend. My biggest inspiration and role models in equestrian sport are: - Jessica Springsteen (USA) - Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS) - Laura Kraut (USA) - Yazmin Pinchen (GBR) - Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE) Another interest i have is music, I started singing in a local choir at my church when I was five, started play the piano at age six, started play the guitar at age 12 and harmonica at age 16. My biggest inspiration and role models in music are: - Bruce Springsteen - Patti Scialfa - Johnny Cash At the moment I work as an Elementary School Music Art teacher, where I teach kids aged 6-12. I graduated University of Gothenburg´s Teacher´s Program in 2015.

LONGINES FEI European Championship – Gothenburg 2017

Hello from Gothenburg !!

This week I´m back ”home” to work as a volunteer at the LONGINES FEI European Championship – Gothenburg 2017 and meet up with friends and riders I know! I´m really excited about this event and we get to witness some great sport. I made a short vlog about my arriving and what I´m going to wear, if y´all wanna watch it press on the link: Vlog – LONGINES FEI European Championship – Gothenburg 2017. I´ll try and update with photos and vlogs !!

My outfits from H&M

My outfits from H&M

Today I´d breakfast with a friend at Diner called Egg & Milk and boy oh boy, have I been missing out on the American Pancakes?? It was so so YUMMY !!




After breakfast I went to the main arena Ullevi to rehearse towards the Opening Ceremony for the LONGINES FEI European Championship – Gothenburg 2017 and It was great fun until a HEAVY rain and a thunderstorm came and interrupted us.


Elisabeth and I´m ready for the first rehearsal at Ullevi Stadium…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Until next time, have a pleasant evening!!

xx, <3


New Vlog – Got new riding gear !!

Hello! New vlog is out!! 

Well, I´ve been making a new vlog – got some new riding gear! If y´all wanna check it out press Vlog 2 – New riding gear. I´ve purchased a new riding jacket from Equiline, new white breeches and competition socks I´d a long sleeve show shirt from Alessandro Albanese.

I´ve started to pack since I´m leaving for Gothenburg Friday! And I´ll bring the blog camera along and I´ll try post some from the LONGINES FEI European Championship and post lots of pictures!


All the best, <3


First vlog is out !!

My first vlog is now out on my YouTube channel !! 

Finally weekend !! What’s your plans?? I’m spending the weekend at our farm and hope I’ll get to go see Princesstl T while we’re here!!

Anyhow, in my last post I hinted about starting to vlog and that I’ve purchased a new camera that’s a flip screen. I can now tell y’all that I’ve uploaded my first vlog on my YouTube channel, to watch it press HERE. Please like, comment what y’all wants me to vlog about and subscribe for more vlogs to come. 😊

Screenshot of my YouTube channel 😊

Screenshot of my YouTube channel 😊

All the best, 😘

First vlog in the making… to be continued!!

Hey y’all! 

I hope everything’s well with y’all! I’ve been very busy in the past few weeks, I starting a new job in three weeks and I’m very excited about it! I’ve FINALLY got my dream job !! So next week I’m off to Gothenburg and the LONGINES FEI European Chanpionship Gothenburg 2017 !! I’m beyond excited, meet up with my friends and enjoy some top sport !! I promise y’all I’ll post a blog from Gothenburg and take lots of pictures!!

Other than that I’m about to start vlogging and I’ve bought a new camera to make things easier: a Sony A5000 which have a flip screen!! Can’t wait to try it!!


Pictures from


Pictures from

Made ny first vlog with my iPhone 6S Plus, I’ll post a link to my YouTube channel as soon as it’s ready! Please like, comment (what do y’all want me to vlog about?) and subscribe for more videos to come !!

I’ll be back soon, until then all the best !!

xx, 😘

WHAT a weekend at FHS 2017 !!

Falsterbo Horse Show 2017 – what a WEEKEND !!

WHAT a weekend I’ve had at Falsterbo Horse Show !! Had a great three days, I met lots of great people and watched some great sport 🌟❤️🐴🙈💯 I’ll put up more pictures later on 😁

Today, Sunday was Grand Prix day and Steve Guerdat & Hannah (SUI) 🇨🇭 won, Peder Fredricson & All In (SWE) 🇸🇪 placed second and Chloe Reid & Codarco (USA) 🇺🇸 placed third !! Congratulations to all !!

Steve Guerdat 🇨🇭 & I 😁🙈

Steve Guerdat 🇨🇭 & I 😁🙈


The very talented Chloe Reid (USA) 🇺🇸 placed third!!


Me, Katie Dinan (USA) 🇺🇸 & Chloe Reid (USA) 🇺🇸 🌟🙈❤️💯

Until then, all the best, 😘


FINALLY on vacation !! Which means Falsterbo Horse Show

Hello !! 😎

Im FINALLY on vacation !! And myfirst week I’ll spend in southern Sweden at Falsterbo Horse Show !! Today, Friday was Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup day and that Class is always exciting!!

We spent the day shopping around and just enjoying top sport and I got autographs from Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE), Lisen Bratt-Fredricson (SWE), Jens Fredricson (SWE), Henrik von Eckermann (SWE), Janelle Larson (SWE) & Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER).

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 won the Nations Cup !! Congratulations 🍾 🎉💐

I’m going to post pictures tomorrow!!

Until then, all the best !! 😘

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ ~ I decided to invest in myself and be happier…

For a long time I’ve felt that I need to do some changes in my life, like heading back to the gym or start running… well neither of those two make me feel excited and I wanted to have something that motivates me to start to go for Power Walks and running again!

A few months ago I became friends with a friend of a British rider I know, she runs her own business with products from Juice Plus+ and she started talking about what big impact these products had on her body and how she keeps motivated to live a healthier life. She gets more energy and these really does WORK!!

She adds Capsules that containers 30(!) different fruits and vegetables each day along with Shakes and Booster powder. So when she launched a new product called Vegan Omega Capsules I jumped onboard!! I were one of five that got a spot on testing these new capsules and I can’t wait to see the results ✌❤️

So today I received my Golden Nuggets !!

This package  came in my mail today!!

This package came in my mail today!!


So excited to try these ✌

So excited to try these ✌

I got the Golden Nuggets

I got the Golden Nuggets

I’ll be back soon to share my thoughts and results with y’all !!

All the best,  /C

New camera means -Photo Sesssion 📸

An outdoor photo session kicks off my weekend…

Two weeks ago I purchased a new camera: a Nikon D3400 and boy, do I love this camera??


Me & my Nikon D3400

I kicked off my weekend by meeting up with a friend I met at Photography Class downtown and we went exploring the older part of town. The weather was sunny ☀️ and the sky was all blue!! Perfect for a stroll and snap pictures all different things we stumbled upon… here’s a photo bomb, all pictures © taken by me.

Good exercise today !! 👍🏻

Good exercise today !! 👍🏻

Got a good exercise today!! 👍🏻👊🏻🚶🏻‍♀️

Linköping cathedral

Linköping cathedral

My Nikon found a new friend 📸❤️

My Nikon found a new friend 📸❤️


My new BF Mr. Pig 🐷 seems a little bit stiff…


I found some giant LEGO, yes tis taller than me!! Hmm, maybe it’s time to build me a house 🏡 that I can fit into 😂


Well, I’ll keep y’all up-to-date and share some more pics as soon as I’ve got them ready!! At least y’all did get to see some!! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back with you soon!!

How I spend a Friday night…


How do I spend a Friday night? Updating the blog… I really have to update the blog more often!! But now I’m on the roll…

Update in progress...

Update in progress…

Well as y’all know I’m really into photography 📸 and I’ve ordered some really cool Polaroids from Photobox and also I found some really cool frames too.



Lots of great people in these Polaroids, such as top riders Laura KrautEdwina Tops-AlexanderPatrik Kittel, Jessica SpringsteenYazmin Pinchen, Alexander Zetterman and the Swedish blogger/top junior rider Nellie Berntsson…. also Baby T, Jaspis & Randy… I totally love these pics!!

A small gift… 

Also the official LGCT photographer Stefano Grasso gave me a gift 🎁 since I’m a big fan of U.S. rider Jessica Springsteen and posted one of his pictures and gave him credit in my Facebook fan page, he wrote me a message and said he wanted to give me a small gift as a ”thank you” which was a picture of Jessica and Cynar VA.

Jessica & Cynar VA  Photography by Stefano Grasso/LGCT ©

Jessica & Cynar VA
Photography by Stefano Grasso/LGCT ©

I’ve finally got printed and framed… LOVE ❤️ itttt!!

xx, 😘😘