About me

Name: Clara Cristanne Maria

Age: 28. (b. 1990).

Background: I was born three and a half months premature and I’m adopted from Nicaragua. I partly grew up on a Farm and I began horseback riding aged 7 and I´ve been doing that ever since. I studied Music all my life, I play Piano, Guitar and Harmonica and I sing. At University I majored in music.Now I tech kids aged 6-12. I bought my mare Toga aka. Baby T in 2014 and she’s my everything. I love photography and I’m very much into that, I love going to horse shows and shoot and I vlog too. The cameras I use are Nikon D3400, Sony A5000 and my iPhone X

Profession: Elementary School Music Arts Teacher, Graduated University of Gothenburg  Class of 2015.

Interests: Horses (I own a mare Toga aka. Baby T b. 2006), music and photography.

Who inspires me/role models: My parents, Bruce Springsteen (musician), Edwina Tops-Alexander (equestrian), Jennifer Gates (equestrian) & Jessica Springsteen (equestrian).They all inspires me in different ways and I’ve been lucky to have met Edwina and Jessie.

What is this blog about? -Join me as I share my life, photography work and much more! I also have a YouTube channel where I´ll post vlogs.

10 quick questions – which do I prefer?

1. Dreassage or Show Jumping: Show Jumping.

2. Relationship or Single: Relationship.

3. Tea or Coffee: Tea.

4. Netflix or TV: Netflix.

5. Make-Up or natural: Make-Up. 

6. CD or Vinyl: Vinyl. 

7. iPhone or MacBook: iPhone.

8. Winter season or Summer season: Summer season, even if I’ve got allergies. 

9. Gothenburg or Stockholm: Gothenburg.

10. Favorite place to travel: New York City.


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