Summer 2019 – Horse Shows and meeting a friend

Hello everyone! 

I hope y´al having a great summer so far! My summer´s been really great so far and I’ve been at the Farm and riding my horse and earlier in June I volunteered at the LONIGNES Global Champions Tour/Global Champions League of Stockholm and there I saw some great sport and met some really great people. I also managed to meet up with my friend Jessica Springsteen (USA) and it was really great to see her and we´d a chat and I gave her some photos and a necklace with ”Jessica” written on it.

Here’s some pics:

All photos in this post are taken by Clara Svensson Photography.

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After LGCT I went back home to finish up work and then when I was off for the summer we went to celebrate Midsummer (Swedish tradition) at some friend´s place. Then I basically moved to the Farm and stayed for three weeks before taking the train ride down south to Malmoe and the Falsterbo Horse Show and to enjoy some top sport and the LONGINES FEI Nations Cup. Also I knew Jessica made the American Team showing there so we decided to meet up at the show. We’ve been going there for 7 years and we spend one day in Copenhagen, Denmark and do some shopping and just enjoys life.













I did some nice shopping at the horse show too, some shirts and socks from Alessandro Albanese, a pair of breeches and a shirt from Cavalleria Toscana, MultiTeq Boots, cap and The NoteBook from EquiFit/ and some belts By Jenny P.


Also took some pics with Jessie of course!!




Hope y´all like the post and the photos!! In a few we´re going back to the Farm in a few days and ride my Princess!! Have a great week and I´ll try to update soon!!!



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