Got some Team USA gear in the mail today!!

I’m in the SQAUD!!  

Today I received some goodies from a friend of mine! Her name´s Georgina Bloomberg and she’s a U.S. Show Jumper and she was competing in the World Cup Finals during the Gothenburg Horse Show 2019 in April. I catched up with her at the show and had a chat and I also shot some photos for her and I bought her some merchandise from the show as a souvenir.

Me and Georgina Bloomberg (USA) at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2019.

Me and Georgina Bloomberg (USA) at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2019.

After the show was done I really wanted to get some Team USA merchandise and I ask Georgina if I could buy it somewhere and then she said ”No worry, I´ll send some to you!” how sweet is that?? So today I received a lotta stuff, and I really can´t THANK Miss Bloomberg enough for being so kind to me and send me all these stuff. I’m ready to take on the LONGINES FEI Nations Cup in Falsterbo this summer as a cheerleader for Team USA!!

New vlog is up on the YouTube channel

Well, since I got so many things I decided to do a HAUL vlog on what I got and if y´all wanna go and check it out go and click at Vlog HAUL – Team USA gear.


The package I got, along with a note!!


The EQUUS Foundation

Georgina along with Jennifer Gates and Jessica Springsteen are EQUUStars for the EQUUS Foundation and they help raise money to save at-risk horses in America and help them find forever homes. I’ve contributed with a video #RideForHorses along with Princess T and it got posted on their social medias, which was really exciting.

Princess T and I #RideForHorses #EQUUSFoundation

Princess T and I #RideForHorses #EQUUSFoundation

Until next time, have a GREAT week!!



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