New Collaboration with !!

Got some exciting news today !! A collaboration and a great way to kick off the year !! 

As y’all know I’ve an Instagram account and once in a while I get requests about collaborations and this time I thought it was a serious account that contacted me, they make handbags and they´re so beautiful.

I’m so excited for this collaboration and I cannot wait until I get my first bag and get to use these beauties !! is on Instagram -go check them out !! is on Instagram -go check them out !!

I´ll link their website HERE and go check them out and maybe you’ll find your next bag !! I also got a discount code for y´all: ”clara40”.

I’m so excited represent this brand and wear their bags !! Great way to start off the year !!

Also I´ve been working hard on the blog and making videos today !! Sunday Funday as they call it !!

Wish y´all a pleasant evening and have a great week !!

Hard work on a Sunday !! Hard work on a Sunday !!

xoxo, <333





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