Hair Salon appointment – New Year, new hair

As I wrote earlier I took some days off to meet a friend in southern Sweden in a town called Malmö and I managed to get a appointment at my hairdresser Johan who’s moved to Malmö!! It’s been one(!) year since he did my hair and he’s the best, he knows me, my hair and how I want it!!

Here’s some pictures from how it looked last time:

2/23/2017 – Last time Johan did my hair

So Saturday I went to his new Hair Salon CAPO Hairdressing in central Malmö and it looked AMAZING!! OMG, such cool interior and cozy.

Love this chandelier!! Nice and cozy!!

Love this chandelier!! Nice and cozy!!


As y’all know my biggest inspiration and role model is Jessica Springsteen and I’ve always loved her hair so since I let do my hair, he’s done it similar to Jessie’s hair and it’s fits me so much. It’s called Balayage.

This is how I looked when we started…

Total mess!! I’m ready!!

In progress

So here we go…

They’d massage chairs and it was soo nice to get a massage while waiting for the color to set in…


The result:

I couldn’t be happier with the result!! OUTSTANDING is all I can say. Johan is pure magic and I can’t wait to go back again!!


The behind the scenes – photo shoot for social media’s

Of course Johan and myself wanted some pics of the results, to put on the Hair Salon website, social media’s and so on. We did a little photo shoot and my friend came to pick me up, she took some ”behind the scenes” pics too.

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