New Collaboration with !!


Got some exciting news today !! A collaboration and a great way to kick off the year !! 

As y’all know I’ve an Instagram account and once in a while I get requests about collaborations and this time I thought it was a serious account that contacted me, they make handbags and they´re so beautiful.

I’m so excited for this collaboration and I cannot wait until I get my first bag and get to use these beauties !! is on Instagram -go check them out !! is on Instagram -go check them out !!

I´ll link their website HERE and go check them out and maybe you’ll find your next bag !! I also got a discount code for y´all: ”clara40”.

I’m so excited represent this brand and wear their bags !! Great way to start off the year !!

Also I´ve been working hard on the blog and making videos today !! Sunday Funday as they call it !!

Wish y´all a pleasant evening and have a great week !!

Hard work on a Sunday !! Hard work on a Sunday !!

xoxo, <333





Last day of the Christmas break… Now back to reality !!


Hope your Holidays were good and that y´all could enjoy some downtime and be with your friends and family. I´d a great time and spent Christmas at my parents place.

I decided to meet up with a friend from Gothenburg in Malmö for a few days to just hang out and go to Copenhagen. Also I managed to book an appointment with my hairdresser who’s moved to Malmö (see eariler post).

Day 1: 

Friday morning I took a train ride down south and after we got to the hotel to drop off our bags and get freshened up we went to take the train ride across the Øresundbrige to Copenhagen, Denmark for a little fun and some shopping .

I got slippers, ear plugs & a sleeping mask 

I got slippers, ear plugs & a sleeping mask

When we arrived at København Hovebanegard we went to have some Danish Pastry and boy is it good or what?? I’ll attach a picture of how they look below.

Danish pastry

Danish pastry

Then we went off through the City Hall Square and onto the shopping stroke Strøget to check out the sales. Found some great stuff and as it got darker, the city lit up and it was so cozy just strolling down the street and watch people, listening to the musicians playing and just be in the moment.

Strøget by night…

On our way back to catch the train back to Malmö we passed by the famous amusement park ”Tivoli”.

Tivoli - the famous amusement park by night ✨

Tivoli – the famous amusement park by night ✨

I also got a Danish hot dog, they’re red(!) and a Starbucks before heading back to Sweden. We’d a great couple of hours in the Danish capitol city!

Got my Starbucks Thai Chai Latte !! Love my Starbucks!!

Got my Starbucks Thai Chai Latte !! Love my Starbucks!!

Day 2: 

Saturday at noon I’d an appointment at the hairdressers (see earlier post) and here’s a little sneak peek!!


Left – How it looked before and Right – The result

So happy -love this photo !!

So happy -love this photo !!

When I was done at the hairdresser our plan was take a short train ride and go check out a HUGE mall called ”Emporia” to get lost for a few hours and do some more shopping .

Emporia - Malmö

Emporia – Malmö

I knew they’ve an Apple Store at Emporia and I’ve only been in to Apple Store’s in the United States and London before, so I was very excited to go there so to speak. OMG, it was heaven, I got a silicone case (Hibiscus) and a new screen protector since mine was cracked.

Apple Store at Emporia Malmö. See, I found me a music symbol and that made my day !!

Apple Store at Emporia Malmö. See, I found me a music symbol and that made my day !!

Then we saw a HUGE Christmas tree and it was so pretty!!

Me VS. HUGE Christmas tree 0-1.

Me VS. HUGE Christmas      tree 0-1.

Me VS. HUGE Christmas tree 0-1.

Me VS. HUGE Christmas tree 0-1.

Day 3: 

After a couple hours of sleep it was time to have breakfast and then pack my bags and go meet my cousin and her kids to drive up north to the Farm and spend New Year’s Eve and a week here!!

Bye Malmö !!

Bye Malmö !!

My parents are tagging along in a few days and we’ll have Christmas celebration number three with my cousins and their kids and food.


Day 1 – New Year’s Eve: 

Well, I drove back up north to the Farm with my cousin and her kids. I was gonna spend a few days at the Farm and we decided to have some fun on New Year’s Eve, I made the last vlog for the year and then I did my hair together with my cousins kid,


Happy New Year !!

Day 2-3 Just chilling around on the Farm

New Year’s Day was pretty much chill and hang with the Fam, I purchased a new Vlog camera (see earlier post) and just trying it out and I moved my stuff up to our cabin and to light a fire and make

Day 4 – Re-united with my Princess T!!! 

Finally I got a chance to ride my little Princess T, I haven’t ridden in a while and I´d new riding boots to break in and boy oh boy, were they nice to ride in or what?? Thanks to my parents for always tagging along and we love our little Princess!!

Baby T <33333

Baby T <33333

Love my new Parlanti Passion Miami Field Boots & Baby T of course !! <333

Love my new Parlanti Passion Miami Field Boots & Baby T of course !! <333

We´re such a great couple <3

We´re such a great couple <3

Out and about with the Fam – ice-skating on the pond!! 

The last day at the Farm we all went ice-skating on the pond close by the Farm and it was so much fun!! Last time I stood in ice-skates was probably like two years ago, at first it was really painful but then after a while I got used to it. Great weather, the sun showed up and we decided to have a barbecue as well and we just goofed around and just enjoyed the last few days of Christmas break!! Thanks Dad for the great photo skills!!

49622899_330722854199339_575698713435963392_n  49739112_380174319410044_6181515209568419840_n 49429024_386638618753936_4783275794468175872_n

I couldn’t resist on making a cute Polaroid of Princess T – Christmas card 2018. Tomorrow´s back to reality again as the semester starts on Tuesday, but we’ve one day of preparations !!

Baby T wishes y´all Happy Holidays!!

Baby T wishes y´all Happy Holidays!!

All the best & have a great week !!


New vlog -last one for 2018!! Unboxing my new camera


It’s officially 2019!!!

Well, I made a new vlog on New Year’s Eve and I was downtown with my cousin and her daughter and I found me a new vlog camera on sale!!

I purchased a CANON PowerShot G7X Mark II and I’ve heard such great things about it, can’t wait to start do more vlogs and edit the videos.

A link to the vlog —> Press HERE. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell 🔔 so you won’t miss any new videos.

All the best, xoxo 😘😘

Hair Salon appointment – New Year, new hair


As I wrote earlier I took some days off to meet a friend in southern Sweden in a town called Malmö and I managed to get a appointment at my hairdresser Johan who’s moved to Malmö!! It’s been one(!) year since he did my hair and he’s the best, he knows me, my hair and how I want it!!

Here’s some pictures from how it looked last time:

2/23/2017 – Last time Johan did my hair

So Saturday I went to his new Hair Salon CAPO Hairdressing in central Malmö and it looked AMAZING!! OMG, such cool interior and cozy.

Love this chandelier!! Nice and cozy!!

Love this chandelier!! Nice and cozy!!


As y’all know my biggest inspiration and role model is Jessica Springsteen and I’ve always loved her hair so since I let do my hair, he’s done it similar to Jessie’s hair and it’s fits me so much. It’s called Balayage.

This is how I looked when we started…

Total mess!! I’m ready!!

In progress

So here we go…

They’d massage chairs and it was soo nice to get a massage while waiting for the color to set in…


The result:

I couldn’t be happier with the result!! OUTSTANDING is all I can say. Johan is pure magic and I can’t wait to go back again!!


The behind the scenes – photo shoot for social media’s

Of course Johan and myself wanted some pics of the results, to put on the Hair Salon website, social media’s and so on. We did a little photo shoot and my friend came to pick me up, she took some ”behind the scenes” pics too.