Happy Holidays!!

I’m on Christmas break and boy oh boy, was the last few weeks of the semester rough or what?? So glad to have a few weeks off and hang around and just enjoy having some time off!!

I spent the Holidays at my parents place and my brother came too!! It was pretty quiet Christmas Eve and we attended church and then had Lunch and it was a real feast!!

Christmas Eve Lunch with the fam!! 💯💕

I got some really nice gifts 🎁 and I finally can make myself a Thai Chai Latte at home with my new BOSH Tassimo Joy !! Love it so much!!

Anyone wanna have a Thai Chai Latte??

Then I also got the soundtrack to the hit 236-shows run of ”Springsteen On Broadway” from my parents!!


I’ll post more soon!! Hope y’all had a great few days with your loved ones!!

All the best, xoxo 😘

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