WORK – like riding a roller coaster


Well there’s been a few weeks at work that’s been really rough and I try to work through it…

At work I’m very busy and we’re rehearsing towards the graduation ceremony and I’m really bummed cuz the woman who I’ve been working with for a year didn’t get a permanent employment which leaves me alone and back to square one.

Teaching arts 🎭 isn’t the easiest job and I having around 300 kids a week and being just me it’s hard to see when something happens, due to my eye condition I’ve to work twice as hard to ”see” everything, do I still manage to stick to my plan?

My question is ”For how long can I manage without getting mentally exhausted?”.

Lots of people at work is mentally exhausted 😩 and some are quitting to find jobs at other schools -I’m not gonna lie if I say our school is an easy place to work at, it’s not.

The area/neighborhood the school is located at is very tough and we work hard everyday to maintain a good quality of education.

Sometimes I dream about doing something else, like spend time riding, go travel and see friends and do more horse shows. If I ever win a Euro Jackpot 🎰 I know what I’d do:

– buy me a nice house 🏡

– buy another horse 🐴

– buy a horse truck 🚚

– buy a new camera 📸

– study English in the 🇺🇸

– travel, I wanna go back to London, New York City🗽and see auntie Sheila in Florida 🏖.

I’m counting down the days until Christmas break!!