New riding boots – Parlanti Passion Miami Field Boots


When I was at the Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show 2018 I purchased a pair of riding boots! I’ve never had a brand new pair before I always got second handed or from friends who’s outgrown theirs. But now I wanted to treat myself with brand new ones.

I looked around the exhibition and tried on different boots from brands such as EGO7, DeNiro and Ariat. But they didn’t fit or looked the way I wanted.

Then I got to LEAD Sports AB who sells Parlanti Passion. I’ve had my eyes on Parlanti Roma boots for a long time and I’ve tried them at the Gothenburg Horse Show & at the LONGINES FEI European Championships – Gothenburg 2017.

They fitted me for the boots and I chose the Parlanti Passion Miami Field Boots in black.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel and the unboxing video: New Riding Boots – Unboxing. Hope y’all like it and I’ll let y’all know when I’ve used them a while and what my thoughts and impressions are.

Until next time, have a great week!!

xx, 😘😘

Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show 2018


Hi guys!

It’s been a while and I’ve been very busy, Two weeks ago I was at the Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show in Jœnkœping where I worked as a volunteer and got to enjoy some top equestrian sport!! I met up with friends and had a great time, snapped some photos and I’ll share some below.

New vlog is up on my YouTube channel – HAUL ESHS 2018

I’ll try to do more vlogs, and to watch my latest vlog New HAUL vlog go and watch, like and leave a comment!!

This is a HAUL from last weekend when I were at the Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show in Jœnkœping. I got my brand new Parlanti Passion Miami riding boots today so I wanted to have everything before I made a vlog. Hope y’all like it 😊

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Hello fall 🍁🍂🍄🍂🍁



Fall season is here and the colors changing and it’s pure beauty!! I gotta bring my camera 📸 out and snap some photos along the canal.

Work has been hectic over the past two weeks, many colleagues been sick and we try to manage and step in and help where’s needed. It’s a wonder I haven’t caught any flu/cold yet, due to the kids isn’t covering their mouth when sneezing or coughing. But I always carry a pocket size hand sanitizer with me and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Next weekend I’m off to Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show to work, meet up with friends and watch some great riders show. So excited!!

I’ll try to do a vlog and post what I’m up to! Until then, have a great week!!

xx, 😘