Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ ~ I decided to invest in myself and be happier…

For a long time I’ve felt that I need to do some changes in my life, like heading back to the gym or start running… well neither of those two make me feel excited and I wanted to have something that motivates me to start to go for Power Walks and running again!

A few months ago I became friends with a friend of a British rider I know, she runs her own business with products from Juice Plus+ and she started talking about what big impact these products had on her body and how she keeps motivated to live a healthier life. She gets more energy and these really does WORK!!

She adds Capsules that containers 30(!) different fruits and vegetables each day along with Shakes and Booster powder. So when she launched a new product called Vegan Omega Capsules I jumped onboard!! I were one of five that got a spot on testing these new capsules and I can’t wait to see the results ✌❤️

So today I received my Golden Nuggets !!

This package  came in my mail today!!

This package came in my mail today!!


So excited to try these ✌

So excited to try these ✌

I got the Golden Nuggets

I got the Golden Nuggets

I’ll be back soon to share my thoughts and results with y’all !!

All the best,  /C

New camera means -Photo Sesssion 📸

An outdoor photo session kicks off my weekend…

Two weeks ago I purchased a new camera: a Nikon D3400 and boy, do I love this camera??


Me & my Nikon D3400

I kicked off my weekend by meeting up with a friend I met at Photography Class downtown and we went exploring the older part of town. The weather was sunny ☀️ and the sky was all blue!! Perfect for a stroll and snap pictures all different things we stumbled upon… here’s a photo bomb, all pictures © taken by me.

Good exercise today !! 👍🏻

Good exercise today !! 👍🏻

Got a good exercise today!! 👍🏻👊🏻🚶🏻‍♀️

Linköping cathedral

Linköping cathedral

My Nikon found a new friend 📸❤️

My Nikon found a new friend 📸❤️


My new BF Mr. Pig 🐷 seems a little bit stiff…


I found some giant LEGO, yes tis taller than me!! Hmm, maybe it’s time to build me a house 🏡 that I can fit into 😂


Well, I’ll keep y’all up-to-date and share some more pics as soon as I’ve got them ready!! At least y’all did get to see some!! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back with you soon!!