How I spend a Friday night…


How do I spend a Friday night? Updating the blog… I really have to update the blog more often!! But now I’m on the roll…

Update in progress...

Update in progress…

Well as y’all know I’m really into photography 📸 and I’ve ordered some really cool Polaroids from Photobox and also I found some really cool frames too.



Lots of great people in these Polaroids, such as top riders Laura KrautEdwina Tops-AlexanderPatrik Kittel, Jessica SpringsteenYazmin Pinchen, Alexander Zetterman and the Swedish blogger/top junior rider Nellie Berntsson…. also Baby T, Jaspis & Randy… I totally love these pics!!

A small gift… 

Also the official LGCT photographer Stefano Grasso gave me a gift 🎁 since I’m a big fan of U.S. rider Jessica Springsteen and posted one of his pictures and gave him credit in my Facebook fan page, he wrote me a message and said he wanted to give me a small gift as a ”thank you” which was a picture of Jessica and Cynar VA.

Jessica & Cynar VA  Photography by Stefano Grasso/LGCT ©

Jessica & Cynar VA
Photography by Stefano Grasso/LGCT ©

I’ve finally got printed and framed… LOVE ❤️ itttt!!

xx, 😘😘

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