Woohoo !! I got a job !!


Hello, this past week has been really rough in many ways, stressful time at work and the anxiety for that I have to have a job January 9th. The feeling of not know is killing you…

Also I’ve a lot of fun and heavy responsibilities at work, Christmas is around the corner and the kids are rehearsing towards the Christmas graduation ceremony coming up and December is without no DOUBT the most stressful month for a music arts teacher with so many things going on. But it’s fun though and I can see a progress in every class and when the kids like it and really wants to it to be good, makes my job so much easier!!


YESSSSSSSSS, I did ittttttt !!!


Since a few weeks back I’ve known that on December 21st I’ve no job, since my current job was only a temporary position as a music arts teacher, I really hoped for that they would keep me and I really like the elementary school and the kids I’m at now, so my boss said I’ve to re-apply for the position when they got word from former music arts teacher that she’s decided to quit.

So I applied for my own job and thought that since it’s in the middle of the school year, I might have a big chance keeping my job since not as many switches job in the middle of the semester… but two weeks passed and I still haven’t heard anything from my boss. Then I got to know they’ve offered the position to another who applied for the job as well… now I’ve to start looking for jobs in the middle of the school year and on top of that having a stressful time at work since it’s Christmas season and lots of things going on.

I told my team colleagues that sadly I’ve to go, and they thought it was sad since the music arts had really worked out well compared to last year and that the kids told them they likes my classes and that they learn things and I’ve also got positive feedback from other colleagues as well and I get a confidence boost and try to find things to teach about that are fun and meaningful to the kids. I’m so sad to leave such wonderful colleagues and kids, and so I started to apply to a bunch of places and I got a few interviews.

Amobg the job applications I sent in there was one position I was very interested in and it seemed to be a really nice elementary school downtown and great opportunities for me to build up the music art subject and set up the classroom after what I want and what I need.

After a week of waiting I finally got the call Friday 12.02.2016. I was at work and got a real kick from that call and ran around the place like a happy kid on Christmas Day… yay !! But still I haven’t told the kids if that I’m unfortunately not going to stay… I’m going to miss them all and I’d a great time and I’ve learned a lot and grown more into my roll as a teacher.

I met up with my parents downtown after work to celebrate I received a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers from my parents and told them about what kind of position I got.


I received a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers from my parents, they’re my biggest fans and they support me no matter WHAT !! I couldn’t be where I’m today without you !! Love you


Just wanted to share the GREAT NEWS with you guys!! All the best and have a nice weekend ❤️