Sweden International Horse Show – SIHS 2016

Sweden International Horse Show 2016 

This weekend I’m back in Stockholm to attend Sweden Horse Show 2016 with my aunt and my cousin’s daughter. So since one of my fellow Spotlife blogger colleague Nellie Berntsson was going there to have a book event for her second book, and I really like her, she’s a big inspiration and a great role model to me.

Always great to see Nellie and she did remember me and we’d a chat and took some pics and she signed my book.

Nellie and I at the book event at SIHS

Nellie and I at the book event at SIHS

It’s been such a great day and some really great sport as well… the matinee was so much fun!!

We made the blog !! 

Me and my cousin’s daughter was featured on Nellie‘s blog. Thank you !!

Nellie with my cousin's daughter at her book signing event at SIHS :-). Finally she got to meet her, since she's one of her idols <3

Nellie with my cousin’s daughter at her book signing event at SIHS :-). Finally she got to meet her, since she’s one of her idols <3

I'm featured on Nellie's blog :-)

I’m featured on Nellie’s blog :-)

Christmas is most wonderful (NOT) time of the year!!

WHAT a day !! Thanks to Bruce Springsteen for making my day !! 

Today’s been a really rough day at work, chaos and just not my day !! Also I’d to rush downtown for a job interview and thank god it went well… At the time I’m very busy at work and have so many Christmas tunes on my head I don’t even know which one I’m singing. So stressed out at the moment.. hope it’ll get better soon though.

As soon as I got home I just dropped EVERYTHING and put on the live stream from The White House in Washington D.C. where President Barack Obama handed out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 recipients such as Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford and my all time favorite singer and bestseller Bruce Springsteen!!


*”Bruuuuuuce!” Bruce @springsteen receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom Honor 🎖 from President Barack Obama who also said: ”I am the President. He is the boss.” 😂🔝💯🎖👍🏻 #PresidentialMedalOfFreedom #BornToRun #BruceSpringsteen #TheBoss #legend #EStreetBand

Here’s a link: https://youtu.be/nKIBLJtYigE

A big thanks for getting me through the day, Mr. Springsteen 💯🔝❤️🎖


❄️❄️❄️ Walking in a winter wonderland ❄️❄️❄️

The winter has come… and it’s freezing cold outside !! Lucky me that I bought a new winter coat on sale last week -much appreciated these days 😊


Snapped a photo on the train ride to work…


From what I hear it’s chaos in the traffic because of the weather… in Stockholm they’d 15,3 inches (39cm) of snow in 24 hrs !!


What have y’all been up to? Tell me in the comments below :-)



Sorry for keeping y’all waiting!!

Well, it’s been a while… I promise I’ll be more active on the blog, I’ve missed it…

I’ve been having very busy time at work the past month m, since the Christmas  🎄  season is around the corner. Lots of Christmas carols to teach the kids and plan the Christmas graduation ceremony…

Christmas 🎄 Is around the corner

Christmas  season 🎄 is around the corner

Photography Class… so sad it’s over

While I’ve been away, I’ve finished up my photography class and I made some new friends too.

We ended the photography class with a photo session marathon where we was given six words that we would explain in a picture… so hard, but so much fun !!

Beautiful fall day to be out on a photo marathon session

Beautiful fall day to be out on a photo session marathon 

Photo session marathon

Photo session marathon


Lockers 🔐 at a bridge -Beautiful ❤️


But I really did learn a lot and one of my photos I took during our photo marathon tied for first 😊

I also signed up for the next photography class, cuz I want to learn more… Best thing I’ve ever done !!

xx, 😘