Svenska Hollywoodfruar 

Tisdag… då vankas det ”Svenska Hollywoodfruar” på TV3 som inkluderar Spotlife.se husbloggarna Maria Montazami och Elena Belle.

Gänget i "Svenska Hollywoodfruar". Foto: TV3

Gänget i ”Svenska Hollywoodfruar”. Foto: TV3

Men OMG !! Hur är det med Gunilla Persson egentligen?? INTE OKEY att säga det hon sade till Åsa Westlund. Att inte kunna få barn/vara ofrivilligt barnlös kan vara väldigt tufft och det har GUNILLA PERSSON inte ett skit med att göra. Jag blir rädd på riktigt !!

Hur ska denna dag sluta???

Dagen har varit lite tuff på olika sätt men grädden på moset var när jag tappade tallriken till mikrovågsugnen(?) på högerfoten… Den är svullen, jag kan inte böja stortån, plus att den börjar bli typ blålila…

Min första tanke var…

Bra där, fröken Svensson !! OMG, vilka skor ska jag ha i morgon?? Flip-Flops är way too COLD… 

Min numera blå/lila högerfot... ajajaj !!

Min numera blå/lila högerfot… ajajaj !!

Ouch !! :-(((

Ouch !! :-(((


Friday 10.07.2016. – on en route to work… 

Hello Friday!! I’m on my way to work and lucky me I only have three classes today and then I’m off for the weekend.

On the bus ride to the central station to take a connecting train with work as it’s final destination I saw a beautiful sunrise!!


              FRIDAY !!

Then I’ve started to read Bruce Springsteen’a biography ”Born To Run” and it’s like attending one of his shows, very intense and it’s very well written and you always learn something new you never knew about things that’s behind his lyrics and his music.

I've got great company

I’ve got great company

I’m really looking forward to the weekend when I can just read without other distractions, and just soak it in .

Thursday means Photography class




Taken with my Nikon D90

On Thursday nights I take a photography class and it’s so much fun to learn how to really use your camera and how to take great photos !! Also to view each other’s photos and discuss how they were taken is very useful and you really learn so much at every class!! The picture above I took two days ago on my way home . I live close to a canal and it was a beautiful fall day and blue skies. So I hope to go and snap some more photos over the weekend.

Have a nice day at school or at work or where you are !! And a nice weekend



A package 📦 just arrived…

Hello Monday !! 

Today’s Monday and when I was on my way home, I got a message saying


You’ve got a package 📦  from adlibris.com to pick up at your local post office

A few days ago I finally ordered some books 📚 I’ve been longing to read for a while:

– ”Jag Är Nellie” av Nellie Berntsson (who’s also a top rider and blogger at Spotlife)

– ”The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

– ”Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen

Jag Är Nellie av Nellie Berntsson

Jag Är Nellie av Nellie Berntsson


The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen in English 🇺🇸 & Swedish 🇸🇪

I know now what I’ll be keeping myself busy with over the next couple of weeks 👌🏻🔝🔝🔝📚📚📚


Clara – Long story short – About me

My name´s Clara, 26 year-old from Sweden/USA. I´m adopted from Nicaragua 1990.

I came to Sweden when I was 3,5 months old. I´m a premature baby, born 3,5 months too early and complication of that was that I got Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) or Terry Syndrome which led to 10 eye surgeries and today I´ve 30% percent vision on my right eye and no vision on my left eye. But i´ve been doing just fine, thanks to the great doctors who did EVERYTHING in their power to help me at University Hospital of Linköping, Sweden 26 years ago.

I want to point out, most people have more problem with how I´m able to live a daily life with no white cain, no service dog and do as well as I am. I do not know anything else and my brain and my body have adjusted to the situation I am in. Lots of people tells me that I am brave, stubbon and never give up whenever I set my mind up to do something.

I own a horse, a ten-year-old mare named Toga and when I´m riding I´m just like everyone else and nobody notice my vision issue, I trust her with my life and she´s my very best friend.

My biggest inspiration and role models in equestrian sport are:

– Jessica Springsteen (USA)
– Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS)
– Laura Kraut (USA)
– Yazmin Pinchen (GBR)
– Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE)

Another interest i have is music, I started singing in a local choir at my church when I was five, started play the piano at age six, started play the guitar at age 12 and harmonica at age 16.

My biggest inspiration and role models in music are:

– Bruce Springsteen
– Patti Scialfa
– Johnny Cash

At the moment I work as an Elementary School Music Art teacher, where I teach kids aged 6-12. I graduated University of Gothenburg´s Teacher´s Program in 2015.

Here´s some pictures of me over the years…


From my Snapchat :-)


Baby T <3

54 (1)



Me as a baby :-)

27 (1)

My mom took this picture, my parents got great photo skillz :-)


Love this girl !! Baby T <3

Sunday Funday !!

Back home, after a little bit of cleaning I’m gonna give myself a real treat: dying my hair… I’ve always used hair color dying kit from L’ORÉAL Paris ❤️⭐️

L'ORÉAL Paris 5.35 ~ Golden Chocolate Brown

L’ORÉAL Paris 5.35 ~ Golden Chocolate Brown 

L'ORÉAL Paris 5.35 ~ Golden Chocolate Brown

L’ORÉAL Paris 5.35 ~ Golden Chocolate Brown

Have a nice evening y’all !!

xoxo, 😘

❤️❤️❤️ Weekends

I’m so happy I made up my mind to start blogging 😊

Love to give y’all a glimpse of what I’m up to and share my stories with y’all. I will write a short presentation of who am I shortly… until then I would like to share what I’ve been up to this weekend….

So excited!!

So excited!!

I ❤️ weekends !! 

I spent my weekend at my parents place and it was just a perfect Saturday night, I got to watch some world class showjumping at the LONGINES Masters of Los Angeles, USA via live stream and my favorite rider Jessica Springsteen placed 4th with her 9-year-old mare Tiger Lily in the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5* – Int. jumping competition over two rounds (1.55 m). PC: LONGINES Masters TV/Clariz90. Well done, Jessie !!

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Jessica & Tiger Lily in action at the EMIRATES Gold CupCSI5*

Today Sunday, we’d brunch and the weather was simply BEAUTIFUL sunny and warm, so we went outside and I picked some apples 🍎 and pears 🍐 we’ve have grown ourselves to bring with me home…

Nom !! Beautiful colors 🍎🍐🍎🍐🍎

Nom !! Beautiful colors 🍎🍐🍎🍐🍎

Ready to roll… thanks for the support Maria Montazami ❤️

A great way to start off… Thanks to Maria Montazami ❤️ 

I shared a screenshot of my blog on my instagram account and then this happens ❤️❤️❤️ #confidenceboost

Made my day !! #confidenceboost

Made my day !! #confidenceboost 

I’m active on twitter, snapchat and instagram, if you like, go follow me on social media too…

Twitter: @clara_bella90

Instagram: @clarasvensson90

Snapchat: @clariz90




Welcome… A blog about horses, music and photography


My name´s Clara and I´m 26 years old, with this blog I want to share my life, interest, passion, thoughts, stories and some pictures with you. I graduated University of Gothenburg 2015 and I now work as a Elementary School music art teacher where I teach kids aged 6-12. I really love my job and I´m really passioned about music and want to share my interest/knowledge to the kids I work with. In music, I get most of my inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa and Johnny Cash.

When I´m not working, my main interests are photography and horseback riding and I currently own one horse, a bay mare named Toga, she´s 10 years old.  In horseback riding or equestrian sport, I mostly do showjumping my biggest role models and inspiration are Jessica Springsteen (USA), Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS), Laura Kraut (USA) and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE).

This blog will be in both English and Swedish, so I can reach out to as many people I possibly can.

I hope YOU will enjoy my blog and I´ll bring up lots of different subjects and you´re more than welcome to leave a comment or suggestions of what you want me to blog about.


Happy reading! 



…”I´ve been waiting for so long, but now I finally got it done. I love writing, share stories and pictures”… 


Vackra berg i Toscana, Italien.